Thinking about becoming a Pilates Instructor?

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Making your passion your career may very well be the number one reason to take your Pilates education from student to teacher.

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a Pilates teacher training program is to take some time to set your vision for the “end user,” or type of student and teaching setting you want to find yourself in.

Do you see yourself working with high end athletes, weekend warriors or special populations, meaning those that may need special attention to modifications and adaptable variations to ensure safety and success in their programming? This is a question you’ll want to ask yourself.

Next, it’s important to understand the history of evolution of the method, from classical to contemporary, and where your final vision rests on that scale. There is a rich history here, and by doing your research it will most certainly help you choose your program.

Other things to consider include if you want to teach only Mat Pilates, Reformer and Mat, or all apparatus otherwise known as “ comprehensive “ training. Many schools offer modular types of programs where the training can be broken down.

I cannot stress enough the importance of having an idea of where you might be teaching and what would be required for employment there as a Pilates Instructor.

I am currently a Master Trainer for Club Pilates. We offer both a modular option and a comprehensive program. Our program is PSAP approved by the Pilates Method Alliance.

I also encourage all of the graduates I teach and mentor to sit for the NCPT, otherwise known as the “National” exam. Our training is conveniently offered within our 700 studios nationwide which makes getting all of your practice and assistant teaching hours so convenient. Club Pilates truly is a game changer here.

Many seasoned instructors have taken multiple programs. My personal journey began with my mat training through the PhysicalMind ® Institute. Because of my Massage Therapy background, I knew my eventual student base would need modifications that would require me to have the knowledge needed to adapt the Pilates method. I chose Polestar® Pilates Education, and my teachers were all licensed PT’s.

Some of my recommendations for other training programs would be:

Stott Pilates, founded by Moira Merrithew

Basi Pilates, founded by Rael Isacowitz

Balanced Body Pilates Instructor Training

Whichever program you choose, one thing I can tell you is even if you choose not to do it for professional reasons it will take your pilates knowledge and practice to a whole new level.

If you would like to find out more about training with Club Pilates, here is the link to find the next nearest training in your area.