The Smile Behind the Mask

Wasn't there a time in the distant past where you said hello as you passed someone? 

Some things give you comfort as you age, you know, that old remembering days gone by sort of feeling.

Nothing new about the stress a simple trip to the grocery store during a pandemic evokes but I had a thought as I was jogging behind my shopping cart bandana over my nose and mouth hoping to increase my cardiac output,  keep in mind at 60 I am the youngster in this neighborhood,  as I flew by several people in the parking lot it occurred to me to say hello.

Wasn't there a time in the distant past where you said hello as you passed someone, and when did that all change?  Maybe with all this face covering and mask wearing we should get back to that habit.  Hey by the third person I even added a “Have a Nice Day”!

I remembered being told as a kid I smiled too much, people would think I was up to no good and then as a young woman in business I was told I was too nice and people wouldn’t take me seriously. Little by little things change us. Time changes us and that’s ok its even welcomed. You’ve earned those crow's feet and so what you are a little stiff (or a lot lol) in the mornings but I still have my smile right?

Oh no but not for now, and that has truly bothered me and certain it has bothered you; something feels so “off” in this disconnect of “social distance”.

But we must remain hopeful that someday we will give and see smiles again. The science stands behind that as well you know, all that Oxytocin, just Google that one and see what comes up!

Until next time we pass in the parking lot, Keep Smiling behind that mask.

~ sharon