Snapshot Moments

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I recently was able to block off a three day stretch for a brief getaway and decided on camping. Actually the choice of camping had been brewing in my mind for quite some time. Being a child of the 70's camping was all we did but that gave way to more glamourous stays at five-star hotels in the '80s and quaint B & B's in the '90s. I was long overdue for some time to decompress, so I bought a tent, minimal supplies, and found what turned out to be the most beautiful spot for my trip.

Traveling alone with just my dog, it needed to be close enough as my time was limited. I needed a tent I could set up without help. The Campsite I found had lovely spots to choose from each had its own firepit and raised grassy area for your tent. There was a main pavilion for the tent camper area in case of rain and several outhouses near as well. I chose the most remote spot where the trees allowed sunlight through.

Summer was coming to a close and due to the Pandemic, I was the only one in this portion of the Campground for most of my stay. And that was delightful. I felt very safe as the Camp is sponsored by the Methodist Church, it had a family feel and was dog friendly. The services director stopped by my first evening to introduce herself and say hello. There is a tranquil pond, groomed trails, a bathhouse, and the main barn for activities.

My planned agenda for this stay was to hike their " Prayer Trail" it turned out to be the shortest trail and that was ok as my Boston Terrier does not do so well in the heat, it was over 80 degrees that day. This trail looped through the woods around the pond, there were bench stops for prayer and reflection along the way. The trail was mossy and lined with ferns.

Later that day I had signed up to drive to the top of the Camp where they are building a beautiful chapel stone by stone. You get to pick your stone, put your prayer/affirmation on it, and the architect that designed the chapel shows you how to motor your stone into place. Here is the link

I have always been a workaholic and time away for me never seemed as important as it was to others, I love my work and what I do. But unplugging and going off the grid was much needed. Pulling your self away from the noise and distractions, just focusing on basic survival is time-consuming, no time to worry about things you cannot control.

Sure what I ended up spending for this trip, even though the campsite was a fabulous bargain, the camping supplies and food I most likely could have spent the two nights at a local B & B. But it made me feel confident, strong, and the moments of connection with nature that I had long ago forgotten. I came home with that "good tired" kind of feeling.

As I was driving to work that morning I caught a glimpse of a small pond through the trees. You see I had been taking that same route to work for many months and never noticed that pond, but seeing that brought me back to a moment from my weekend, and that was enough to get me through the day.