Celebrating Milestones

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One of the biggest rewards as an instructor is seeing day after day the results of this amazing body of work. Too many benefits to list here, but one thing I always tell new students is, if nothing else, people will notice something is different about you. Maybe they

cannot quite figure out what, but they see something. You are standing differently, carrying yourself better, your clothes fit better. Sometimes it is hard to explain, let alone help folks find the core strength that simply enables you to stand taller and stronger by the end of a very long and stressful day. Pilates can give you that, and so much more.

I began teaching the Method in the late '90s and often wished I did one thing, purchased a polaroid camera to take before and after pictures of my students. Before fancy scales and weight loss apps were designed, fitness pros used to take measurements. A picture still is worth a thousand words.

At Club Pilates, we celebrate our members' milestones based on the number of classes they have taken. Our business model has revolutionized the way studios are structured making our clients' goals easily attainable. We have amazing instructors, fabulous Signature classes and a limitless schedule to make that happen. Hard work, commitment, and perseverance still needed? Yes, absolutely, but at CP it is attainable.

See you in the Studio~